Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank Ya Kindly, 2009

It's that time of year to look back and evaluate the last 365 days of your life. So, what better way to remember than in list form? :) (In no particular order) 1. I completed the majority of the goals on my list of things to make this year. Ha cha! Purple Tulip Dress



Mila and Liam

Finished Coffy

Peacock Feather Dress

Welcome (in Arabic)

Vader Drinking a Pop
2. I met some amazing new people this year. Many of whom I now consider some of my nearest and dearest.

3. I was cast and performed in three plays. Two childrens's shows (The Nerdy Girl and The Intergalactic Dog & Judith Lynn: A Story of the Sea) and my first Restoration comedy (The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret).
4. Discovered new music. Not all of it came from this year, but it's new to me. With the said, Fanfarlo's
Reservoir is my favorite album of the year. It's amazing from start to finish.
5. As in recent years, I attained new textile skills and ideas.



Wonder Woman

African Grey Parrot
6. Traveled. Granted, I went to places that I've already been, but I had family there and that's always a good thing.

7. Fell in love with Doctor Who.

8. Saw many friends get married and engaged and participated in their nuptials in one way or another.
Melissa & Jason's Chuppah

9. I was cast in Vanishing Points which goes into rehearsals in January. I 'm thrilled to start working on this play!
10. Rode my bike!

11. Took a class at Lil Street Art Center that opened my eyes to what I can do with screen printing and makes me want a dark room of my own.
There Are Never Enough...


One Boy From Gaza
12. I made a swap with Beefranck of Mr. X Stitch, which made me ten kinds of happy. To Beefranck:
MST3K for Beefranck

MST3K for Beefranck
From Beefranck:
Peer Gynt Cross Stitch

13. Wa
s given Nancy Sinatra's country album for Christmas. The best present I've gotten in a long while.

14. Found myself a sweetie who's...well....made me the happiest I've been in ages.

15. I've learned to appreciate the little things even more and started working on lightening the load of material things in my life.
16. Friends! Friends! Friends!
Oh Dear

17. Got five brand new fillings in my mauwf.
18. Grew countless new gray hairs.

19. Started to think more seriously about the future and my place in it.

20. Starting to feel really good about where life is leading me.

Thank ya kindly, 2009.
Happy New Year, Folks!

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