Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lovely weekends come and go so quickly...

My dear friends Jim & Jo came for a visit this weekend. They live across the pond in England. The last time I saw them was over a year ago when they came to visit Chicago during a seven week long vacation to the States. They jet-setted from the west coast to the east coast and we got to spend about four days together, roaming the city, over eating, going to museums, seeing plays, and drinking snakebites (which I found out during their most recent trip are illegal in the UK!). This visit wasn't all the different. :) We had a lazy day here and there, but we managed to keep ourselves busy with the Wicker Park Fest where we saw my friend Marcie's band Silverghost play, we shopped, swapped new music, talked about getting tattoos, they sat in on the first dress rehearsal for my show, The Wonder and countless pictures were taken.

Just before they left (at 4am this moring) Jim went out into the night and left a little something behind in the streets of northern Chicago...
Jim Cereal by the train tracks
JIm Cereal
I'm so happy to have something new to look at one the way to the train in the morning. :)

Happy tuesday folks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks and Terrariums

What a busy weekend!

I drove home to Detroit to see my mom and surprise my friends. I was somewhat successful. I got to see about half of them, but it was great to be home (even if it was only for two days)!


For the past year or so I've wanted a terrarium. I was debating on whether to buy one from Etsy, but I couldn't get it together to purchase one. Then there was a Threadbanger episode where they showed how to put together your own terrarium and I KNEW I'd have to make one! This proved a little more challenging then I originally thought simply because I was having trouble locating some of the ingredients, like Activated Carbon (which now I know you can find at PetCo!). Once I gathered all the pieces I found this lovely glass jar at Marshells. Who knew Marshells had a plethora of glass jars with lids/tops to choose from?! And Voila!


Here's to hoping I don't kill it! :)
Happy Post Fourth of July Folks!