Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks and Terrariums

What a busy weekend!

I drove home to Detroit to see my mom and surprise my friends. I was somewhat successful. I got to see about half of them, but it was great to be home (even if it was only for two days)!


For the past year or so I've wanted a terrarium. I was debating on whether to buy one from Etsy, but I couldn't get it together to purchase one. Then there was a Threadbanger episode where they showed how to put together your own terrarium and I KNEW I'd have to make one! This proved a little more challenging then I originally thought simply because I was having trouble locating some of the ingredients, like Activated Carbon (which now I know you can find at PetCo!). Once I gathered all the pieces I found this lovely glass jar at Marshells. Who knew Marshells had a plethora of glass jars with lids/tops to choose from?! And Voila!


Here's to hoping I don't kill it! :)
Happy Post Fourth of July Folks!


k. borcz said...

awesome terreterium oh, I can't spell. I remember my elementary school library had some cool ones, I used to imagine up stories that might happen in them. They're neat.

*M* said...

Indeed! I'm going to have to make more. I have lots of ingredients left over. Maaaaybe if you're good you'll get one. ;)