Friday, February 12, 2010

Catch Up

Dear Readers,

Boy, oh boy, have I been busy! Wooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeee!
My show, Vanishing Points, opens in less than two weeks. It's really coming together, but I really need to bare down and drill some of my lines into my head. There always seems to be those couple of lines that for whatever reason I can't get my mouth to wrap around correctly. It's really frustrating, but I'm getting it together. Slowly, but surely.
I'm producing the next Babes With Blades show, A Gulag Mouse, which opens March 29th (-May 1st). I won't lie, it's been stressful producing a show while being in rehearsals for another one. Luckily, the cast is in rehearsals now and from what I've been hearing everything is going well. Thank ya Jeebus.
My friend Melissa and I are starting a new theatre company called Focal Point Theatre and we'll be performing our first show at the end of June. We're going to do a series of David Ives ten minute plays. I'm really looking forward to it, but it's pretty daunting that it's coming up at a time when I'm already so stressed and so busy. I know it'll work out. I know it's going to be worth all the heavy breathing I'm undergoing.
And just yesterday I got confirmation that a children's show that my friend Eric is writing and directing is a go and he wants me in it. I was freaking out a little yesterday because now I have to figure out how to balance a rehearsal schedule between that show and the ten minute plays. I'll be doing them one right after the other. Yes. I am insane.
Aside from my theatre life keeping me busy, I'm about to open a new Etsy shop devoted to just my art work as opposed to my craft work, I'm finishing up my last submission for the Threadknits contest (and the deadline for that is March 1!), I'm trying to spend time with my sweetie, trying to see my friends (who I'm getting the impression think I'm putting them off or don't want to make time for them. This makes me sad as it's not about not wanting to be with them. It really is that I'm so busy and committed to so much right now that I'm barely able to get a full night's sleep these days. So, if you're one of those friends who I haven't seen for a while let me just say, I miss you, too. We'll hang out soon. I swears it.), and last but not least I might (hopefully not) need to think about finding a new job. I don't want to think or talk too much about it right now, but it's something that's weighing on me a lot these days.

I've also been listening to a lot of This American Life the past two weeks. Wouldn't you I want to start recording podcasts. Will this desire to do everything ever cease? (Part of me hopes not!)

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day (if you're into that kind of thing),

There's Always a Happy Ending

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