Monday, February 9, 2009

More Posters

My poster class is going really well. I'm learning so much! Here are the latest pieces I made over the last few weeks.

Dinner will be late...
Layered Girl

For my next project I'm planning on printing fabric to later turn into a skirt or possibly a dress. Sweet sassy molassy, I love me some opportunities. I have to miss class this week because I have tech for my show that OPENS ON SATURDAY! We had our first night of tech last night and it went really well. We managed to run through the show and aside from a flub here and there we're in really good shape. I'm so looking forward to it opening. If any of you lovely readers are in Chicago sometime over the next four Saturdays you should stop by and see it! Yes, it's a kid's show, but honestly it's probably one of the funniest shows I've ever been apart of. :)

So, as always I'm busy busy. I might have a new custom order coming my way from a friend on Myspace, so keep your fingers crossed that works out. I haven't painted in a while and I miss it!


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