Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Fair warning: I may asplode!

ARGH! So. Debt collectors suck major ass, right? Long story short, two years ago I paid a bill that went to a collection agency unbeknown to me. I pay it. Debt paid. I'm in the clear, right? Oh no. Not by a long shot. This collection agency has been hounding me for two years, TWO YEARS PEOPLE. Why? Because THEY screwed up my account. First, they entered the wrong amount when I first paid the bill. They corrected it and claim to have sent me a reciept stating it was paid. Second, a few months later I get a call from another debt collector saying that they are representing the first collector and want my money. ARGH! I then have to go through this whole process of sorting out my account again. Done and done. THINK AGAIN! Third, a few more months go by and I get ANOTHER CALL from ANTOHER debt collector. The cycle just keeps cycling!

Then today I get another call. This time the original collector claims that while they see that my account has been paid it isn't "closed out". WTF does that mean? Soooooooooo, they want me to fax them the reciept they were supposed to send me in the first place. I have no recolection of getting this recpiet and if I did, after moving a couple times, I have no clue where it is.

The kicker is I asked the lady I was talking to what happens if I can't find this recpiet that YOU sent me and should therefore have ON FILE ANYWAY. She said she'd have to pass it to her supervisor who would then take care of it. So, I asked her why not just have her supervisor look into it in the first place since I've been dealing with their bullshit for TWO EFFEN YEARS?????

She said she'd ask her supervisor while I look for the reciept. Great. That's really bloody helpful.

In the meantime, I'm trying to relax by crocheting yet another Winchester rifle. Hmmf!


k. borcz said...

:( I'm sorry that sucks major toad warts.

*M* said...

Thanks doll. Hopefully I'll have all this bunk sorted out soon.