Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Winchester

When I started going bonkers with filet crochet not all too long ago my good friend Jane commissioned me for a piece. She and her beau live in a house very similar to the Winchester House in California in that there are stairs that lead to nowhere in their basement and there are windows on the outside that do not lead inside. Odd, no? They also collect nic nacs, do dads and other kitchy items having to do with Winchester rifles. So, when she asked me to make her a filet crochet for her home she asked if I could crochet the image of a rifle. Well....sure! Why not!?

The Winchester

The piece isn't completely finished, I still have to dye it brown. I haven't dyed anything in a long time so I'm rather excited to take it up again. :)


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Calamity Jane said...

Not to mention that we live on Winchester Ave., and are both big fans of Shaun of the Dead--in which the zombie stronghold is the Winchester Pub.

You rock, Mama Sass!