Friday, October 17, 2008

Art Whino and Handmade Market Chicago

Dear Readers,

Life is insane. Why, you might be asking? Because I have a problem saying "no" lately.

For the past few months I've been working tirelessly to make inventory for the Handmade Market Craft Show here in Chicago for Nov. 8th. I've been making patches for shirts and crocheting my little heart out. On top of that I was accepted into a stencil art show in Maryland which requires me to make one 20x20 stencil piece and 20 "found object" pieces. Boy howdy,! I have most of the inventory done and a good amount of the pieces for the art show done. I've given myself the deadline of Nov. 7th to have everything done and ship whatever I need to ship to MD, but damn....I'm running on fumes at the moment. I'm currently in a show with my theatre company, Babes With Blades, and we have one more weekend of performances after this week. I've been working 9-5 Mon-Fri, sewing in the evening Mon-Wed and then performing Thurs-Sun. How I am still alive is a miracle. I feel that the end will justify the means though. I'm really proud of the work I'm pulling together and I'm setting new goals for myself thanks to all this madness. So, within the next few months I hope to have lots of new stories to tell.

In the meantime, here is one of the pieces I'll be submitting to the Art Whino show in November:

"Margaret" (Materials: Scrap fabric, thread, canvas and brown Sharpie marker.)

I think once I have all the pieces for the two shows done I'll be making more of these scrap fabric panels for my Etsy store. So far everyone who has seen them thinks they're pretty nifty. Might as well spread the love to the world!




carmen said...

YAY that my face will be in that show!

k. borcz said...

deja vu.

I'm excited for you!!