Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Future Projects?

Earlier this week I sent in my headshot and resume to Circle Theatre here in the grand land of Chicago. They are holding auditions in December for their production of Charles Mee's play A Perfect Wedding. It's basically his version of A Midsummer's Night Dream. I would love to be in a Mee play, so here's to hoping I get a call with an audition time. :)

I'm also debating on whether I want to join in on this art project with Art House in Atlanta, The 10,000 People Project. I really love what Art House does for the arts, but there's only one catch. If I sign up for a project they gain the rights to my work. They can distribute my images anyway they want. Not that I think they'd do anything malicious with it or anything. I'm just not 100% comfortable with the idea of someone else owning the rights to my work. I's my work, ya know? So, I'll have to sit on this for a bit and decide if it's worth it to me.

Thoughts, m'dear readers?


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