Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Busy Bee of a Week!

Dear Readers,

Last night I had my first rehearsal for The Nerdy Girl and The Intergalactic Dog (the new show I'm in) and let me tell you this is going to be one FABULOUS children's show. We just did the preliminary first read through and production note stuff, but I can tell I'm going to have a blast with this cast (rhyme totally intended). If any of you are going to be in the Chicagoland area come February 14th please come check it out! :)

Tonight I start my Art of the Poster class at Lilstreet Art Center. I'm uber excited! More details on that tomorrow. ;)

Right now I'm crocheting, listening to She & Him (my latest musical obsession) and getting ready for the clock to strike 5pm so the work day can be oooooooooooooo-veeeeeeeeeeeer.

Have a loverly evening, kids!

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