Monday, January 5, 2009

Dancing With 2009

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope you had a lovely, safe, rock n' roll new year's eve/day!

I've been looking back on 2008 and all that I accomplished within 365 and for the most part I feel that it was a good year for working with my hands. I'd like to continue this into 2009. I'm not usually one for resolutions, so instead I'm going to make a project list for myself. Please bear witness as I pledge to make the following over this here "new year":

1. Embroidered pillow cases for myself and loved ones

2. Crocheted broaches

3. Embroidered tapestries for my home and then possibly the world

4. More stencil portraits (either for loved ones or for sale) and possibly submit them to art shows

5. Three new dresses and/or skirts (for myself and others)

6. Perfect the design of crocheted shrugs, 'cuz I'm just so tired of frogging them time and time again


8. Perfect silk screening

9. Learn guitar well enough to play in front of people

10. Finish my Polaroid dress (for the love of PETE!)

11. Take full advantage of my Art of the Poster class (which I start this week!)

12. Get all textile vigilante on Chicago in a Microfiber Militia kinda way

13. Possibly start filming certain projects and posting them as guerrilla pod casts *twists evil mustache*

And if the year goes well enough...

14. Write down original designs so I might produce my own craf-tas-tic book of wonder and awe. (Hey, that's not a shabby title. :)

Well, folks that's all I have to say for this here Monday.
Have a happy week!


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