Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Badass Portraits and the Hotei Gallery

On Saturday I went to the Hotei Gallery (1445 W. Morse) to see their Erotica Exhibit where they put some of my crocheted penises on display. What can I say? They were a hit. :) My friend Melanie came with me and hot damn, did we have a blast! Aside from them having a variety of erotic art everywhere there were body painters, a henna artist, a burlesque dancer and belly dancers! Normally I don't bother getting Henna done because for some reason it doesn't like my skin, but this one did! Woo hoo!
And one of the belly dancers locked eyes with me and pulled me up to dance with her. I can't say that I knew what I was doing...because I didn't!
Belly dancing...

I came across the Hotei Gallery the other week and talked to one of the owners about putting up some of my stuff. He told me to bring stuff in and they would put them up. I'm been working on what pieces I'll be taking over. So far I'm pretty sure a couple of prints will make it, along with some fiber pieces. Such as.......

A friend of mine back in Detroit has this joke that it's impossible to look like a badass while drinking through a straw. I recently decided to turn his joke into art.

I made a list of historical and fictional badasses to embroider while drinking various things through straws. I recently finished Napoleon drinking a Big Gulp:

Unfortunatley, I don't have a picture of the final piece. Oh well. The only difference is the straw he's drinking out of now is green. :)

If anyone has any suggestions for badasses I'd love to hear them!
Next up, Pam Grier as Coffee. Hee hee!

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k. borcz said...

Badasses, at least fictional:

Vin Diesel
The Rock
Bruce Willis